Julep Nail Polish Give away!

Hey everyone 🙂

I have a tumblr for my blog! http://www.beautyhealthfitnessme.tumblr.com and I am doing a Julep ( http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/111786/ ) nail polish give away when I reach 100 followers! If you have a tumblr, follow me on there and then reblog the post about the giveaway to qualify! I will be doing giveaways on wordpress and my twitter as well later on when I can give bigger and better prizes! I also will be shipping anywhere around the world!


Thanks guys 🙂



Nail time!

Hey ladies 🙂

For those of you who love nail polish, this post is for you!

There is a company called Julep ( http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/111786/ ) where you fill out a style profile quiz and then you sign up for their monthly Maven nail polish subscription for only $19.99 per month for $40 worth of product!

You may be thinking, “well, I don’t have $20 to blow on nail polish and hand products every month and the nail polishes may not be my style”. Don’t worry because they are very flexible with their subscription! They have a 3 month, 6 month, and ‘whenever you want to end’ subscription. For each subscription, you have the choice to skipwhichever month(s) you choose as the month comes by. Example: The April box coming up, I got to choose which style I wanted (yes, you can choose whichever box you want each month) and it’ll be shipped to me starting the 27th. Every month there is a window where you can change your style or skip your month. That window is from the 20th-24th. Their nail polishes run at $14.99 on their own ($19.99 not to shabby, right?).

They have tons of deals for those who sign up to be a Maven. You can get their nail polish for $4.99 and when you buy nail polish, you receive Juleps which you can redeem at a later date when buying more nail polish. It’s amazing!

Just check out the website in the link given above and let me know if you sign up and what your style profile is! They have everything on their site that will answer your questions but if you need quick clarification of anything, please don’t hesitate to ask! I may do a Julep giveaway in the summer if I get enough followers on tumblr!

Thanks guys 🙂


ps. tumblr is http://www.beautyhealthfitnessme.tumblr.com

Motivation, Motivation

Something we all really need when it comes to making sure we eat healthy and continue to work out almost every day for a healthy lifestyle. I am fairly new to fitness but I have already found a few things that definitely motivate me to continue doing everything I’m supposed to do for my health. I have quite a few but today I will only be sharing 3-4 (You’ll find out at the end of the article :] ).

1. Bikini. Yes, I am aware that almost every single woman out there uses this as their #1 motivation. I’m not trying to be cliche, I actually want to look amazing in my bikini this summer. Now, most women just work out near the end of the winter through spring and during the summer and then let it all go at the end of summer. No no. That isn’t happening here. I want to be able to look amazing in my bikini all year around. You never know when you’ll be swimming indoors with friends. Even if you know there is a super slim chance with doing indoor swimming, try on your bikini at least once every month throughout the months you don’t wear it out publicly to the beach or to a pool. Seeing yourself in your bikini just might make you keep wanting to maintain your healthy, strong body! (It’ll also be easier for you to work out all year around than having to push yourself in the middle of winter to get your body back). Also, just remind yourself – if you gain a bit of weight during winter, it’s okay! It happens! Don’t let it get you off track 🙂

2. Strength and Energy. Working out and eating clean foods (aka not sugar or grease!) will give you crazy crazy energy for your day (especially helps if you work out in the morning). In turn, it also makes you stronger, of course. As a university student, I need the strength and energy to keep powering through my super long days and nights.

3. Helps w/ anxiety and depression (and sleep). This is a HUGEone for me. Major. I have anxiety and one of my “symptoms” is depression. I am not depressed all the time. My depression comes for as long as it pleases and will go away as it pleases. I never know when it will strike me. And when it does, it strikes hard. Working out helps so so so much. It releases endorphins which help with psychological health. Reduces my stress, wards off any depression or anxiety I have leaving me with a more positive feeling, and it improves my sleep drastically. Those of you who deal with anxiety and depression know it isn’t easy to sleep a lot of nights and trust me – when I started working out, I noticed a major difference in my sleeping. I sleep like an absolute baby now. Check out this website for a little more detailed explanation: http://www.naturaltherapypages.com.au/article/Exercise_Endorphins.

4. Cassey from Blogilates (www.blogilates.tumblr.com). This girl has insanely amazing work outs you can do at home without going to the gym or owning any exercise equipment. It’s also perfect if you live in an apartment. She is a fitness and pilates trainer, so she knows what she’s doing and saying. Check out her tumblr for inspiration, but mainly check out her website and youtube page for the extreme motivation! Her work outs are amazing, but killer!

Hope this blog helped you with your motivation for the next couple of days to eat healthy and work out! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, don’t hesitate to leave me a message in my ask box or just reply on this post! I hope to make another post later on tonight for skin care, so keep your eyes out for that 🙂

Thanks Guys 🙂


No work-out Monday?

Hey everyone

Today I am not doing any work outs because I slightly hurt myself doing the work outs I did yesterday. Not because they were hard, but because I only started 3 days ago and went full force both days. I ended up hurting myself because I pushed myself a little too hard on areas that were already pretty sore. It is a rule to try not to work out the muscles in your body that are sore,  so don’t make the same mistakes as me! I also, unfortunately, must skip my work out tomorrow because I am in class all day. If I skip my 6pm-9pm class, I will work out and write about it on here. But, we will only find out at 6 or 9:30 pm if I did it or not!

I will be writing a post about skin care in a couple of hours and quite possibly about the purchases I made at Shoppers Drugmart today (hurray for make up!). Until then, I would love it if whoever reads this post comments below and lets me know what other types of posts I should be making 🙂

Thanks guys!


Today’s work out/ where I get my inspiration from.

Hey guys 🙂

So, my inspiration to begin this blog/work out almost every day would be from “Blogilates” run by Cassey. She has super amazing work outs on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/feed/UCIJwWYOfsCfz6PjxbONYXSg)  and her website (http://blogilates.com)  definitely help with keeping track of staying healthy by eating clean foods. She is a pilates and fitness instructor, so she 100% knows what she is doing/ saying when giving advice!

Today I will be doing the following 4 work outs:

Spring Fling 1: Toning work out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1LOfEDD528

Victoria Secret Bombshell Butt workout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsrCv3OktCs

Victoria Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8rUKK8E19k

Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZoR7YKqIe8

This is kind of a lame, boring post just saying what I am doing today fitness wise. But I hope it inspires someone, anyone, to work out as well! Even if it is just one video (the toning one is short but will make you break out a sweat and it is challenging!)

If you worked out today, what work outs did you do and what inspires you to do your work outs when you schedule to do them?

Happy St. Patties day 🙂

Catarina 🙂