Today’s work out/ where I get my inspiration from.

Hey guys 🙂

So, my inspiration to begin this blog/work out almost every day would be from “Blogilates” run by Cassey. She has super amazing work outs on youtube (  and her website (  definitely help with keeping track of staying healthy by eating clean foods. She is a pilates and fitness instructor, so she 100% knows what she is doing/ saying when giving advice!

Today I will be doing the following 4 work outs:

Spring Fling 1: Toning work out

Victoria Secret Bombshell Butt workout:

Victoria Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout:

Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout:

This is kind of a lame, boring post just saying what I am doing today fitness wise. But I hope it inspires someone, anyone, to work out as well! Even if it is just one video (the toning one is short but will make you break out a sweat and it is challenging!)

If you worked out today, what work outs did you do and what inspires you to do your work outs when you schedule to do them?

Happy St. Patties day 🙂

Catarina 🙂

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