No work-out Monday?

Hey everyone

Today I am not doing any work outs because I slightly hurt myself doing the work outs I did yesterday. Not because they were hard, but because I only started 3 days ago and went full force both days. I ended up hurting myself because I pushed myself a little too hard on areas that were already pretty sore. It is a rule to try not to work out the muscles in your body that are sore,  so don’t make the same mistakes as me! I also, unfortunately, must skip my work out tomorrow because I am in class all day. If I skip my 6pm-9pm class, I will work out and write about it on here. But, we will only find out at 6 or 9:30 pm if I did it or not!

I will be writing a post about skin care in a couple of hours and quite possibly about the purchases I made at Shoppers Drugmart today (hurray for make up!). Until then, I would love it if whoever reads this post comments below and lets me know what other types of posts I should be making 🙂

Thanks guys!


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