Welcome to Beauty, Health, and Fitness!

Hey guys,

Recently, I’ve been wanting to work a little harder with getting healthy and just focusing on myself because it is super important to focus on your body since you’re the only one who can make sure your body is well taken care of. I created this blog so that I can write about beauty tips, anything about health and to post things about fitness.

I’d like to introduce myself before I say anything else, though. My name is Catarina and I am a psychology major at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. After I graduate I’d like to either do social work or do fitness management. I love hockey. My favourite team is the Montreal Canadiens and of course, I love to spend time with my friends.

On this blog, I hope to keep track of my health and fitness and hopefully give everyone I can tips. I would also love to interact with people and receive tips from other people that I can post on the blog. The more sharing, the merrier!

I will also be making a tumblr account if that’ll be easier for people to follow me on. I do have a personal one but I’ll be keeping it personal for now as I don’t have many readers on here.

Hope you all enjoy my blog in the future 🙂